Teacher on Hunger Strike Has Regained Her Job

Hatice Yüksel who has started a hunger strike after she was suspended from her job due to her attendance to a press conference has returned to the school.

An English Teacher in Beylikova Atatürk School in Eskişehir, Hatice Yüksel, was suspended by the governorship because she had attended a press conference for the people who were detained by an operation claimed to be against DHKP-C (The Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party–Front) to be released. She has started a hunger strike to regain her job and she won.

At the beginning of May, more than 6000 signatures was collected for her to be accepted back to the school and was presented to governorship, however as this petition couldn’t get a result, she started the hunger strike and on the 10th day, she regained her job. Eskişehir Directorate for National Education and Governorship stepped back and sent a letter of giving back to duty to Yüksel.

Kaynak: http://www.sendika.org/2015/06/aclik-grevindeki-hatice-ogretmen-kazandi/

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