Racist are on a Witch Hunt

As the tension grows, the Turkish State keeps provoking racist groups. Throughout yesterday day and night, news came from all around Turkey that Kurdish people, their workplaces and HDP were attacked by fascists.

The state’s pressure continues in Kurdish cities and every day number of deaths rises. A ten year old girl Cemile Çağırga was killed (07.09.2015) in her house and her body couldn’t been buried because security forces of the state were opening random fire on civilians. Her mother used ice in order to protect the dead body, and kept her in the refrigerator until the burial. The attacks in her town Cizre, have been continuing for 5 days. Uptill now, in Cizre 10 people, including 5 children have been killed.


As the state keeps attacking Kurdish cities, racist groups do their part. Kurdish seasonal workers were targeted by racists. Coaches which were heading Kurdish cities or were owned by Kurdish people were attacked and their windows were broken by racists. In Ankara Beypazarı, racists with 200 cars convoy attacked workers, three of them were injured. In Konya, 400 Kurdish construction workers were attacked, they were not allowed to leave the building for a long time and were tried to be burned alive by the racists. Kurdish construction workers are being targeted all around the country by fascist groups. [Redacted[1]This part previously contained a phrase about a construction worker being targeted in Eskişehir along with an image of the victim. However, it has since surfaced that this particular photo we had used was of an unrelated issue in Palestine and that it was misleading. We have chosen to omit the specific bit along with the (wrongly) associated photograph and we apologize for this mistake. Nevertheless, despite this mistake, we wished to stress the fact that Kurdish workers are being targeted by racist attacks all across the country.]

In Istanbul, Kağıthane, 21 year old Sedat Akbaş was killed because he was speaking Kurdish on the phone.


In Antalya, racist group that gathered to attack HDP building has lynched one man because “he looked like he was Kurdish”. However as it turned out, the man was a nationalist just like themselves. This was a “mistake”. On the same day, in Muğla, another Kurdish worker named Ibrahim Çay was attacked, lynched, his clothes were torn and was forced to kiss the statue of Atatürk because the racists claim he had shared a photo of himself wearing guerilla clothes.


In Kırşehir, the only bookstore owned by a Kurdish person was torched.


Also in many cities, countless attacks were carried out by racist groups against HDP buildings. In their “so called” protest that claim to be condemning terror (?), they have attacked people on the streets, burned and damaged HDP buildings including the headquarter in Ankara whilst singing Turkish national anthem and shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

The racist groups on the streets were shouting “We do not want operation by the state we demand massacre!”.

According to “Kurdish Question”: Large numbers of racist groups have started a Kurd-hunt in a number of Turkish cities, in which some 126 offices of the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) were attacked across the country since yesterday.

Police took no action against the aggressive assailants who blamed HDP for the current situation in Turkey, without ever mentioning the role of the AKP despite the party clearly stating that “None of these would have happened if we had won 400 seats in the parliament”.

Still unable to accept the results of the June 7 elections and pointing at HDP as the responsible side for the ongoing conflict, government officials, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu in the first place, keep making statements provoking attacks of avenge against the party, as well as the Kurdish population in the country and the Kurdish armed movement, PKK, which voiced numerous calls for peace and negotiations even after the ending of the solution process due to the AKP’s failure to win what it desired.

Local racist groups are also promoted and reportedly supported by the AKP that faced a big disappointment in the elections in which HDP received 13 percent of the votes across the country and thus didn’t allow AKP to come to the power alone.


Many extreme nationalists attacked in large groups on the HDP, DBP buildings and the mainly Kurdish inhabited neighbourhoods in many districts of Ankara last night.


A large group of racists attacked the DBP headquarters in Balgat district of Ankara by throwing stones and chanting racist slogans against the Kurds at around 20:00 yesterday evening. While police forces did not intervene the attack, the signboard of the party was broken down by the group. The action of the racists in front of the DBP building lasted until 02:00.


In Beypazarı district of Ankara, another large group marched from the district centre to Zafer neighbourhood where mainly Kurdish people live and attacked the houses and shops of the Kurdish citizens, setting fire to some of the houses and vehicles. While the Kurdish people in the neighbourhood responded to attacks with self-defence, the racist group reportedly used guns against the Kurds, leaving 7 persons wounded.

While police intervened the scene only in the early morning hours, tension remains high in the district. HDP Beypazarı branch co-chair Abdu Öner said although the situation is relatively calm in the district as of the morning hours, some Kurdish families are leaving the district as the threat continues.


A large group of racists gathered also in the city centre of Ankara last night and marched to Tuzluçayır district of the city known as a leftist settlement. The group attempted to enter the neighbourhoods where Kurdish, Alevi and leftist people live, intensifying their attacks mainly on Aktaş neighbourhood where many Kurdish people live, but faced a strong resistance by the people waging self-defence. The racist attacks were repulsed and the racist group had to leave the district as the youth held vigil in the district during the night against further attacks. In the meantime, police did not intervene the incidents, but rather accompanied the racist group from the city centre to Tuzluçayır.


In another development, a group of racists attacked on the HDP Keçiören office breaking the windows and taking the signboard of the party down. The group attempted to enter into the building until late hours, and left the scene after hanging a Turkish flag on the building.


In many towns, countless attacks were carried out against HDP buildings. The offices are damaged, windows and signboards are broken, turkish flag is displayed. People from HDP were blockaded but able to leave the buildings, some injuries have been reported. Also police chose to take people from HDP under custody instead of fascists. The attacks took place in: Esenyurt, Avcılar, Sultanbeyli, Kadıköy, Sarıyer, Beşiktaş, Büyükçekmece, OSmanbey,  Sultangazi, Esenler, Kıraç, Şirinevler, Ümraniye. In Ikitelli in a neighbourhood of Kurdish and Alevi people, people defended their neighbourhood and forced the racists to leave.


Getting organised through social media, a group of racist assailants first attacked HDP building in Erdemli district of Mersin and then attacked the houses and shops of the Kurdish people in the district. Two vehicles owned by Kurdish citizens were set on fire in front of the police forces, while the group also attempted to burn three houses of Kurds. While the fire department and police did not intervene the scene, the racists further threatened the Kurdish people with killing them.

In the meantime, another racist group closed the highway between Mersin and Antalya and stopped the buses belonging to companies from Amed, Van and Mardin and held ID checks in the buses in an attempt to uncover the Kurdish people.

The attackers damaged the buses and also attacked the drivers. Some drivers who had to drive on the group to flee the scene were stopped by police, paving the way for further attacks on the buses.


HDP headquarters in the southern city of Antalya also became the target of Turkish racist groups. While five persons remained stuck in the building during the attack, the party members arriving at the scene were also attacked by the fascist mob and police forces. 10 people were wounded in the incidents, while one person, O. Çakmak was seriously injured by a knife from the back. Çakmak still remains in a life-threatening condition in the hospital where he was operated.


Racist groups in Konya also attacked the buildings of HDP and Ronahi –Der, a gathering point of Kurdish students in the city, while another group targeted the Kurdish workers in Ilgın district.

A group gathered in Konya bus station in the evening hours and marched to HDP building in an attempt to set the building on fire. The group broke the door to enter the building while HDP executives were inside. The group had to leave the scene after an intervention by police teams.

Another group directed at Ronahi-Der in Karatay district and set the building on fire before continuing to march in the neighbourhoods where mainly Kurdish people live.

In Ilgın district of Konya, racist groups targeted around 400-500 Kurdish citizens, who came to district from the Kurdish cities to work in the construction of buildings. The workers did not respond in order not to flame the incidents, but had to defend themselves as the attacks increased. Two Kurdish workers were reportedly injured in the attacks that lasted until late hours.

The workers demanded to be evacuated from the district following the incidents, but the district governor told that they could only be evacuated in 3-4 days. The workers said they did not have any life security as there were no measures taken by security forces and concerned authorities.


A group of around two thousand racists attacked the HDP building in Isparta, leaving big material damage inside. The group threw down the chairs inside from the windows and then set the office on fire. The group then escaped from the scene by chanting the slogan “Martyrs are immortal, our land is indivisible”.


In the western province of Muğla, a university student was attacked by a racist group with knieves, leaving him injured in many parts of his body. The student was taken to Fethiye Public Hospital after the attack.


A group of around 100-150 racist assailants attempted to burn down the HDP building in Malatya, entering the passage where the office of the party is located, and breaking down the iron doors before police forces standing there, who also accompanied the group in hanging Turkish flags on the building.


In another western city of Balıkesir, a group of racists entered the HDP building and first damaged the furniture inside, then threw down the chairs from the balcony and then set the office on fire. The group then dispersed from the scene, while the police did not intervene.


HDP offices in İzmir city center as well as ddistricts of Bergama, Dikili, Kemalpaşa and Buca were also targeted by attacks of racist mobs on the excuse of the Dağlıca incident which left 31 soldiers dead, including one staff lieutenant colonel, and 6 others wounded.

While the assailants were not intervened or stopped by police here either, groups raided HDP offices and burned flags of the party, while also rallying in Selçuk and Atatürk neighborhoods from which they were later repelled by the self-defense of Kurdish citizens.


A fascist group attacked HDP building. Police has took away and gave the signboard of HDP to these 3000 people group who later crashed this in the middle of the city.


HDP building was attacked by the racist group with sticks in their hands. The windows were broken and they tried to fly the turkish flag.


Artvin has recently faced a flood disaster and afterwards most of the help went from Kurdish cities. Yesterday, fascists gathered from Rize, Trabzon, Ardeşen, Borçka and Murgul came to Hopa. People numbered 300-400 have broken the windows of the building in which HDP office was and displayed Turkish flag.


HDP building was attacked with sticks and stones. The windows were broken a turkish flag is displayed.


The shop owners were warned to close their shops who were in the street of HDP building in the city. They have fired guns up in the air.


HDP Çukurova building was blockaded by racists. They have also stopped cars and checked IDs of people. The police did not intervene.


HDP building is attacked by racists. The windows are broken and the signboard is torched.


Fascists attacked and afterwards displayed a turkish flag on the office of HDP.

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[2] http://www.kizilbayrak.net/ana-sayfa/guendem/haber/uelke-genelinde-fasist-teroer/
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1 This part previously contained a phrase about a construction worker being targeted in Eskişehir along with an image of the victim. However, it has since surfaced that this particular photo we had used was of an unrelated issue in Palestine and that it was misleading. We have chosen to omit the specific bit along with the (wrongly) associated photograph and we apologize for this mistake. Nevertheless, despite this mistake, we wished to stress the fact that Kurdish workers are being targeted by racist attacks all across the country.

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