Support by Feminists to Flormar Resistance

Feminists have come together with 120 Flormar women workers, who were fired for joining union.

Gathering at Petrol-İş (Oil-Labor) Headquarters at 12 p.m. upon feminist organizations’ call, as many as 200 people went to Kocaeli to meet Flormar workers.

Launching a social media campaign with the hashtag #KadınlarFlormarİşçileriyle (Women are with Flormar workers), the women climbed to third place on Twitter Turkey’s agenda.

Marching with their banners in Kocaeli, women met with Flormar workers in front of the wedding saloon organized by Petrol-İş union Kocaeli Branch with the slogans “Long Live Women’s Solidarity”, “Flormar Workers Are Not Alone”.

Speaking on behalf of the feminists in a statement made before entering the wedding saloon, Selin Top said, “We know that women are subjected to double exploitation at home and work. We see how deep the exploitation is at their workplace, like the domestic labor is not enough”.

Those who gave support with applauds were fired as well

Working at Flormar since 2014, Nurhan Güler said that after they became union members, they started to see directors who they had never seen before, and those directors held meetings with the workers one by one and told them that they would be fired if they don’t give up the union.

Güler added that their friends who support them with applauds were fired as well.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) İstanbul MP Hüda Kaya was among those who attended the demonstration. (PT/TK)


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