Women to Take to the Street on February 14: Down with Unequal Love

Women will be taking to the street with the slogan, “Down with Unequal Love: We Want Life!” on February 14 (Valentine’s Day).

Women will gather in front of Hakan Patisserie in Istanbul Beşiktaş at 7:30 pm.

The call for the protest is as follows:

“‘February 14 (Valentine’s Day)’ is upon us once again at a time when being happy means turning a blind eye. Despite everything, we are not giving up on equality, just as we are not giving up on our dreams of happiness, of a future that is not overcast with death, of a peaceful, safe, and free life!

“This February 14 we take to the streets again in the company of our women’s solidarity, our greatest blessing, because we take issue with having our lives besieged by violence, force, oppression, and impositions. We grow not by buying gifts, making promises, over-the-top celebrations, but with solidarity, and freedoms, and equality.” (ÇT/PU)


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