Women Prisoners Set Ablaze Wards Against Increasing Oppression

As the autocracy of government increases by the OHAL (state of emergency), AKP raises the pressure on political prisoners while reconstructing the bourgeois state institutions.

Following the coup attempt, political prisoners who are subjected to increasing oppression, violence and forced displacements, resist against OHAL repressions everyday.

In the previous days, revolutionary women who launched sit-in protest against the violations of rights in Bakırköy Women prison, were attacked by the prison guards in front of their families.

Today, on August 1, women prisoners affiliated with DHKC have set ablaze their wards in Bakırköy prison upon the banning of family visits, communication and the right to hold books.

Following the action of political prisoners in C9 and C10 wards, lots of ambulances were transferred to the prison while members of TAYAD ( Solidarity Association Of Prisoners) launched a vigil demanding information about the conditions of women prisoners.

According to the recent tweets of TAYAD, the prisoners are fine but the families still hold on to their vigil to support the political prisoners.


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