200 Female Workers Occupy Factory

200 Female workers occupy Çerkezköy Prettl Endüstri Factory during negotiations with Union of Turkish Workers concerning sacking of 20 workers, 19 of whom were women.

One of the sacked women made the following statement on social media:

“I am a female worker at the Prettl Factory and I, along with 19 of my colleagues, have been sacked.  I specifically stress the fact that I’m a woman because because that is as important an aspect of my life as is being a worker.  Before I go to the night shift I express milk for my baby.  And when I get back in the morning I prepare breakfast.  I sleep and then I get up, tidy the house, do the washing and prepare the meals.  I work for my living and whilst the negotiations for contractual work at my workplace have been going on for 10 years, they have now sacked me for pursuing the matter with my union.  Our General Director Çetin Çetin has destroyed not just mine, but 20 households.  This shows a complete lack of conscience.  It is really ungrateful behaviour to just dispose of 20 people who have worked so hard for you for years.  I have sweated and laboured hard for years to earn my living.  And I will continue to consider in an honour to do work in the future.”

Translation: isyandan.org
Search: https://kazete.com.tr/haber/cerkezkoyde-kadin-isciler-fabrikayi-isgal-etti-56231

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