Çilem Doğan: Will women always die? Let some men die too

‘Will women always die? Let some men die too’ told Çilem Doğan to police after she had been arrested for killing her abusive ex-husband.

Self-defense is a right!

Çilem Doğan, a young woman at the age of 28 killed her abusive ex-husband at her home in Adana. Despite the fact that she made several complaints about her husband no action was taken to protect her. She was beaten and threatened by her ex-husband. According to her statement on the day of the incident ex-husband came home late at night and forced her to move to Antalya  to work as a prostitute. When she refused him he started to beat her and then she grabbed the gun and shot him for self defense.

The photographs of her  were taken in handcuffs wearing a shirt with the phrase, “Dear past, thanks for all the lessons. Dear future, I am ready.” She also raised her thumbs declaring the legitimacy of her action showing no sign of regret.

Çilem Doğan

In Turkey men killing, abusing and attacking women often get light sentences or none while women defending themselves are severely punished like Nevin Yıldırım. Nevin Yıldırım had been sentenced to life for killing her rapist. The conviction on Yıldırım will reach a final conclusion after the process at the Supreme Court of Appeals. Women rights actvists, vairous feminist groups organized protests to support Nevin Yıldırım and the right to self defense  while raising resistance against the double standard and hypocrisy of Turkish judicial system.

Works of feminist artists portraying Nevin Yıldırım all over the city


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