Bombing in Suruç: Tens of Youth Killed


Photo taken before the bombing

A suicide bombing directed at Amara Culture Center in the district  where three hundred members of Socialist Youth Society Federation (SGDF)  departing from İstanbul yesterday to Urfa’s Suruç in order to participate in the reconstruction of Kobane, has claimed 32 lives. The violent attack took place at the yard of the culture center, where youth gathered for a press conference before they were going to cross into Kobane.

While people were struggling to survive, reportedly, only a limited  number of ambulances for the injured arrived at the scene . The bodies of the people who have lost their lives still laied on the ground. Co-chair of Democratic Regions Party of Urfa stated that the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber. According to the information that was gathered, Kaplan has stated that more than 50 people have lost their lives and tens of people were injured (Update: It is now confirmed that 32 of the estimated 50 have lost their lives). Shortly after the violent bombing in Suruç there has been another bombing near the state house in Kobane. It was stated that the bombing was carried out by a vehicle loaded with explosives. Casualties were reported after the explosion.

Photo of the bombing scene

Photo of the scene shortly after the bombing

Calls were made all over Turkey to protest the violent attack. The list of the starting locations of those protests is given below;

Ankara – 18.00 / In front of ESP (Socialist Party of  Oppressed) Head Office

İstanbul – 19.00 / Tünel Square in Taksim

Diyarbakır – 18.00 / In front of DBP City Office

İzmir – 19.30 / In front of Sevinç Patisserie

Bursa – 18.30 / Fomara Square

Mersin – 19.00 / In front of Public Education Centre



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