Weekly Report 27 July – 2 August

Kurdistan Diary

  • Turkish Army bombs Kurdish Zap, Metina, Xakurke, Haftanin and Gare while IS attacks Kobanê from Cerablus.
  • Turkey-Iran gaslines sabotaged.
  • Airforce drops flamable chemicals, wildfire in Lice flares up…

To follow up day by day till August 2: https://isyandan.org/english/timeline-of-turkeys-current-state-of-emergency/

  • YPG (People’s Defense Units) Press Office has released the balance sheet of war in Rojava, West Kurdistan, for the month of July. According to the balance sheet, 831 members of ISIS gangs were killed and among these 679 were seized dead, while 71 fighters of the Defense Units were martyred in clashes during the month of July.
  • Fighter jets of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) bombed Zergele Village in Qandil Mountains of northern Iraq on August 1, 2015. 10 civilians, a pregnant woman amongst them, died while 15 people got wounded. It was stated that 22 houses were destroyed during the bombardment.

  • General Command of the YPG said they considered recent movements of the Turkish military as provocative and hostile actions, and demanded the Turkish government to officially clarify their attitude and immediately stop these activities. (August 1, 2015)
  • Funerals of 13 People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) members who lost their lives in Rojava (a de facto autonomous region in northern and northeastern Syria) during a conflict with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) had been kept waiting since July 25 near Habur Border Gate, a border crossing point between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan. (After 11 days, the funerals were allowed to enter the country on August 5)

Turkey Diary

  • DHKP-C member revolutionary Günay Özarslan was executed by police within the scope of so called ISIS operation launched by the state on 24th of July. Crime scene report confirmed that there was no clash in Günay Özarslan’s house.  (July 27)

For more information: https://isyandan.org/english/gazi-district-revolutionary-was-executed-funeral-then-blockaded/

  • Since Turkish airstrikes against Kurdish guerilla positions began, Turkey’s Internet authority banned 96 websites including Kurdish news agencies and newspapers next to a handful of pro-PKK websites.

  • On 29th of July deputy prime minister Bülent Arınç announced that the number of detainees reached up to 1061 while 172 of these were arrested as a part of so called ‘anti-IS operation’. Despite the main title of the operations mostly Kurdish and leftist dissidents are targeted with only a number 137 detainees related to IS and 847 detainees related to PKK as reported by Cumhuriyet Newspaper on 29th of July. Operations still continue across the country. The number of regions declared as special safe zone reached up to 16 which are Kurdish provinces in eastern Turkey, as of the date of August 2.
  • Dündar İrfanoğlu who was tortured by police is being suppressed in order not to file charges against the torturer police officers while he is still receiving  treatment.
  • In Cizre seventeen year old Hasan Nere had lost his life in the hospital where he was taken to, as a result of the fire opened by police.  According to the statement of eyewitnesses the police tied hands and feet of the injured youth and waited for about half an hour for his death.

  • Former CHP deputy Umut Oran stated that ISIS had become a real threat for Adıyaman and Alevis afraid of ISIS attacks started to mount guard day and night in front of their houses and outside their villages.
  • Police intervened in peace rally against AKP’s dirty war policy, in Diyarbakır with tear gas and water cannons.(August 2)

Photo: Dicle News Agency

Labour Diary

  • Kurdish workers working in a TOKİ (Housing Development Administration of Turkey)construction narrowly escaped a lynching attempt. Workers among whom some had been assaulted were forced to leave the town at midnight. (July 29)

Women’s Diary

  • Woman Initiative For Peace has been organising ‘Give a voice for peace’ actions constantly. Women, at simultaneous protests in Kartal, Bakırköy and Beşiktaş stated: ‘Bombs drop on our lives! Women do not  give up on peace, women struggle for peace!’

  • Deputies of CHP and HDP organised a press conference reacting to Bülent Arınç’s words ‘Lady hush! As a woman you shut up!’ towards HDP Diyarbakır deputy Nursel Aydoğan. HDP group deputy chairwoman Pervin Buldan emphasized that every where in the world men were responsible for wars while women were the defenders of peace and continued: ‘Mr. Arınç has to leave this sexist attitude aside. We want him to apologize from all women, particularly women in HDP. Patriarchy’s huge sycamore Arınç exhibited indigestion towards women’s positions. He warns only women but can’t bully men.’

HDP deputy Nursel Aydoğan

Environmental Diary

  • As a part of natural gas pipeline construction in Bursa, İznik, approximately 1000 trees are planned to be cut. 13 kms of the pipeline consist of olive grove where villagers are deeply attached.
  • Kadiköy City Defense protested Istanbul Municipality for not rehabilitating Kurbağalı Rivulet which foams and reeks of disturbing local community, by a press conference held in Yoğurtçu Park. (July 30)

The Saturday Mothers/People hold their 540th gathering

In their 540th gathering in Galatasaray (August 1) the Saturday Mothers/People demanded to know what had happened to Abdurrahim Demir who disappeared while in custody in 1995. Saturday Mothers/People also reacted to the current state of war and demanded an end to clashes.

Photo: Sendika1.org

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