Strategies of the Ruling Classes and Resistance of the People

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Based on the reports prepared by the sovereign, it is understood that impoverishment of large masses is aimed at while structural measures are taken in favour of the international capital.

Reports prepared by the sovereign indicate that global capitalist system has been in a structural crisis and any kind of growth is not expected within the upcoming 50 years. In order to resolve the crisis, capitalist system activates austerity policies all around the world and obligates people to live in misery by threatening them with such poverty. Within the framework of this implemented plan, labor wages are marked down while social security rights all over the world are being reduced as is seen in Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, South Korea, South Africa. Workers are forced to work longer to secure their social security rights. Social security, pension and minimum wage have become an arena for the class struggle.

While neoliberal imperialist-capitalist system builds itself upon class and racial inequality, possession changes hands in suburbs of the urban poor at the helm of capital. Poverty becomes effective in yesterday’s developed industrial cities. Illegal drug trafficking, the lowest possible wage rates and obvious police terror have been used as the instruments to suppress the despair and anger felt by the people living in Ferguson and West Baltimore where Freddie Gray was murdered. Indigenous peoples of Papua, North and South America, Canada and South Africa where had been occupied by the sovereign, declare total war against the hypocritical policies of state.

While racial class inequalities keep on deepening, states continue to put neoliberal policies into action. With so called educational reforms the right to be educated is taken away from the poor. In Chile, Spain and Canada students and research assistants leave their resumes written ‘Furious’, ‘Shame’, ‘Unreliable’ at the doors of the ministry and publish bills with the title ‘Is education that expensive? Then try illiteracy!’ against budgetary cuts.

People resisting against the pollution of their air and water are getting attacked by the transnational companies. People state that as it happened in Peru, the directly affected available water supply which is used for agriculture will threaten the production of rice, sugar cane and pepper in Tambo river valley and they ran a militant struggle for 6 years. Indians of North and South America have united against oil monopoly Chevron which pollutes their lands.

News concerning the corruption of high ranked authorities behind transnational companies come out one after the other. People, while resisting against the Imperialist-Capitalist policies, take to the streets for weeks to protest corruption as in Honduras, Guetamala…


The ruling classes worrying about capital flow and profits look for ways to disarm and force people to adapt to the policies implemented by the capital by parleying with the groups of national liberation movements. USA working with Colombian government forces FARC to agree with a peace settlement through which the status of USA military bases, the profitable contracts signed with transnational companies are reserved and ‘free trade’ is promoted. In guise of peace negotiations, USA is preparing to attempt political coup and military intervention in Colombia.

The present term is a term when masses that can not take their share of the new income distribution carry their furious insurrection to the urban centers. The ruling classes try to suppress massive riots,  force people to bow to poverty and the system by the force of state  through converting cities into mega prisons and control centers.

Pentagon materializes its report concerning ‘urban warfare in the next 100 years’, preparing to intervene the riots in city centers with ‘urban warfare training center’, military bases in 74 countries operating under Ramstei drone hub station and militarized special police units. As in the Ukraine case, scores of revolutionaries are detained, kidnapped and tortured by the fascist paramilitary butchers who are transferred from various parts of the world to Ukraine in order to fight on fascist side and get training through a plan supported by Ukranian authorities and USA.

The ruling classes who can not maintain order, criminalize insurrection and anger of people by labeling them with vandalism. The state tries to legitimize state terror and attacks the masses violently. In this period of rising state terror people produce their own solutions, commonize the resistence, reinforce the struggle. As in Mexico, community police formed by people fights against state-sponsored crime rings, as in Bolivia people fight for water. As is in Palestine and in Chile revolutionaries sacrifice their bodies in order not to surrender to the system. As is in India, Philippines, Colombia, Kurdistan, Palestine, armed struggles continue against political and psychological war. As is in Brazilia and Arjantin massive strikes are organized.

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All these wars taking place on cultural, political and environmental platforms show us that; without declaring a total war against capitalism like the Taiwanese workers occupying police station for the Korean workers, without establishing international freedom battalions like in Ukraine and Rojava, or without universalizing the resistance and overthrowing the ones who possess the violence monopoly, no one could ever become free.

There is no salvation alone, all together or none of us!

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