Militants of TKP/ML: The Necessity of the Armed Struggle Has Once Again Been Brought to Light


Reportedly, militants of TKP/ML (Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist) carried out an attack with blast bombs and rifles towards a police station in Kıraç of Istanbul, Esenyurt.

According to the news we have received on the late night of the 14th of November militants targeted the Kıraç police station. It is stated that the action was carried out as to commemorate TIKKO (Liberation Army of Workers and Peasants of Turkey) guerrillas Aşkın Günel and Cafer Kara who had lost their lives in an armed conflict with the state forces in Dersim on 9th of November, 2004 and all martyrs of revolution and communism.

“The necessity of the armed struggle has once again been brought to light”

In the statement concerning the issue it was stated that, “The fascist state whose history is filled with massacres continues to carry out flat out attacks towards the workers, toilers and impoverished. Showing the state of emergency as an excuse democratic rights are being disregarded.” While stressing out the necessity of armed struggle being brought to light again, the statement called upon the fact that the state has been establishing and arming its own paramilitary forces.

Militants of TKP/ML also stated that “in consideration with the interests of our peoples, we will retaliate against every sorts of attack” and “we state that we have not kept silent and we will not in the face of these fascist attacks targeting the oppressed Kurdish people.”

Militants who had called out to the popular youth to organize within the ranks of the TKP/ML left the field of action chanting the slogans of, “Words cannot serve to bring the fascists to justice, barrels of guns do” and “We have avenged our martyrs and we will continue to avenge”.


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