Cemre’s Action Will Crush The Tyrants


“In the burning skies, we are the birds of fire. We are everywhere and nowhere.“

On 27th of June, Cemre Heval (Eylem Ataş) comrade was immortalized in Manbij.

Today is 9th of September. For 74 days the body of our comrade has been waiting to take its immortal action by leaning on the rage that has now reached its limits at the borders that are being threatened with invasion of the lands that she lost her life on.

Before everything, no matter what for every human being; this is tyranny and it is the duty of the Freedom Forces to respond to this tyranny of the AKP-ISIS fascism that targets our immortals.

Eylem was the first immortal of the Women Freedom Forces, she was the happiness of the children whose bodies shattered into pieces in Antep, she was the feeling of trust that the baby who was raped by the imam felt in her mother’s bosom, she was the peace of the free people of Kûsa village that was flattened. Let the AKP-ISIS fascism which has taken only one life from us, but hundreds every single day, every single second from the Turkish, Kurdish and Arab peoples know that these are the reason that we live for but also the reason behind your annihilation. You will find us right next you while you are looking for us far away.

Those who know that they do not even have one second to lose to embrace the body of Eylem must without any hesitation fight against the rapist, invader, massacrer AKP-ISIS fascism.
Women, youth, the proud and conscientious working class and the oppressed of Turkey!
We are expanding the war ahead on Eylem’ behalf. This war must be the full mobilization of those who are being subjected to all sorts of tyranny committed by the AKP-ISIS fascism. The ones who lived the rage of Aziz and finally saluting his passing body must become Eylem in order to stand strong once again and look up to the burning sky.

We are Eylem (Action). We choose were Eylem will be.
That is why we are taking this very deep breath in order “to join the ocean”, to reach down to the heart of fascism and to destroy it. And for Eylem.
Wherever there is act of rape, torture and the massacre the response will be Eylem.
From now on we will whisper Eylem’s name into the ears of the gangs of the AKP-ISIS fascism.

Eylem, the immortal bird of the red and purple fire that we set up; she will carry the war into the very depths of hell, into the heart of the monster.

We will crush the AKP-ISIS fascism!

Women Freedom Forces

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