A Private Employment Office Was Destroyed in Istanbul: We Will Not Allow Inhuman Laws to Be Implemented


Aziz Güler Freedom Forces Militia Organization claimed responsibility for the destruction of a private employment office in Avcılar of Istanbul.

Responsibility claim is as below:

“An establishment performing as a worker trade center under the name of “Private Employment Office” in Cihangir neighbourhood of Avcılar, Istanbul was destroyed by our forces on 29th of April, 2016.

Bosses, their servants, their watchmen and their ass kissers! While workers whose sweat mix with their blood are being wretched in your human-grinder factories, while our mothers, fathers, children, partners, sisters, brothers and friends are crying their hearts out you will not be able to comfortably sleep in your beds. Do not trust the ones who hold your leashes…

We will surely clean out first this country, then the world of loan sharks, exploiters and mongers. One of the sneakiest practices of the AKP-ISIS fascism that is the servant of bosses and protector murderers of workers are “Private Employment Offices”. What is wished to be done through the implementation of “Private Employment Offices” is leased working which will even make common system of subcontract look better. Private Employment Offices mean forced labour conditions, ill-pays, no job security, lack of social rights and restitution and usurping of right to unionize. Directly proportional to this very picture inhumane working conditions regarding workers’ health and safety are also being imposed.

You seem to be in safety! But do not forget that this will not continue! We know that rage and hatred will come together with the ones who die in the engine rooms of your ships!

We will crush your palaces on your heads!

We will crush the AKP-ISIS fascism!”

Aziz Güler Freedom Forces Militia Organization


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