Aziz Güler Freedom Force Militia Destroyed Store For Sacking Unionized Workers

Gaziosmanpaşa branch of TEDİ A.Ş who discharged its unionized workers by taking advantage of anti-worker policies of the AKP-ISIS fascism have been destroyed by our forces on 30.08.2016.

The fascist party, while performing a political line in parallel with the interests of the capital groups day by day increases its attacks towards to rights of the working class. The most natural gained rights of the working class, such as unionization, right to strike and safe working conditions are being disregarded. Together with the fascist party becoming the absolute political power, the bourgeois law and the labour act have become dysfunctional and arbitrary operations of the monopolist capital have completely been put into action.

In general the monopolist capital is content with the functioning of the fascist dictatorship. What matters for the bosses is that their pockets are filled with money and their capital is swelling.

So that is why, just as they do not care fascism massacring and torturing the people, wasting lives of the children of the people in colonialist invasion wars, put workers through hell, they build their political power and wealth over the running blood. The religion of this parasite class is money and its faith; the political power.

Clearing out all capital groups that are bred by the AKP-ISIS fascism of our country is one of the reasons that freedom forces exist. The revolutionary working class is the one who will eradicate the parasites, the so-called class of bosses. And know this for sure, that the working class is everywhere, you have nowhere to escape, nowhere to hide. TEDİ A.Ş. is our primary target until it meets all the demands of the workers discharged due to being unionized. You will learn that you will not be able to enjoy yourself through seizing the values created by the sweat of the working class and the toilers, created through their lives. Sooner or later, easy way or the hard way, it is your job, the job of the exploiter class to comprehend this. And it is our job, the job of the Freedom Forces, the job of the revolutionary working class to bring the exploiter class and fascism into line.

We will bring down your palaces on your heads!

We will crush the AKP-ISIS fascism!

Aziz Güler Freedom Force Militia Organization

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