Ankara: Massive Explosions at Peace Rally



UPDATE, October 13, 2015: Turkish Medical Association revised death toll as 105, declared number of casulties as 53 with 30 people in critical condition.

Thousands of people have gathered in Ankara to participate in the Labour, Peace and Democracy Rally that is organized by confederations of trade unions and professional chambers (KESK, DISK, TMMOB and TTB). While the mass was about to march from the rendezvous point to the rally that called for “Immediate Peace, Immediate Democracy”, two massive explosions took place within the crowd around 10.05. According to the recent official statement, at least 95  people have been killed, hundreds wounded. Meanwhile Turkish Medical Association declared death toll as 97 and HDP Crisis Desk has anounced that 128 people have lost their lives and 516 people have been wounded in the bloody attack.

Just after the explosion, the first ones to arrive were the police rather than ambulances. Within this created tension, police have attacked the people with tear-gas and water cannons, to whom were presenting a great effort to carry the wounded to hospitals. The ministers of health, justice and interior, whom have come to investigate the situation with a massive police force have also faced with a protest with masses shouting “Murderer Erdoğan”. In a later press conference, they have declared that there were no security gap and did not reply any questions regarding the attack.

Following the explosive attacks, the co-president of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, Selahattin Demirtaş have emphasized that the bombings took place during a period of debates for an imminent ceasefire between the Turkish State and PKK. While asking: ”Is it possible for a state, whose intelligence organization is that powerful, to not possess any prior information regarding this incident”, he continued his statement as such: “There is a bitter situation in question. We are facing a state mind-set that has become a mafia, murderer and a serial killer that wants to take society captive. We will overcome these days with the resistance of those not surrendering to persecution. Yet, we will bring those responsible to account within the scope of the law. We will not allow these incidents to go down in history as just a cruelty. We are assured that this mind-set will not last forever”[1]

Relatedly, many progressive organizations have also pointed out to the former bombings that took place in Diyarbakır (6 June) and Suruç (20 July), claiming state responsibility for all of these attacks. In a meeting held by pro-government “former” mafia leader Sedat Peker yesterday in Rize, to “condemn terror”, he have stated that while the fate of state follows the fate of Erdoğan, their absence implies an era where “blood will be shed in streams”. Similarly, it is to be noted that Erdoğan have claimed before the former elections that: “Give me 400 MP’s, and everything will be solved in peace”.



In a joint call for action against the state terrorism, Confederation of Progressive Labor Unions (DISK), Public Workers Labor Unions Confederation (KESK), Chamber of Engineers and Architects and the Physicians Association of Turkey (TTB) expressed their outrage and declared they have agreed upon a general strike against the government and for peace.[2] call stressed, “To protest the fascist massacre and to commemorate the death of our friends we are now in mourning for 3 days. The general strike is on October 12 and 13.”

Meanwhile attacks of occupier Israel continue in Palestine, a Palestinian youth from Gaza, Ahmed Alkhaldi who were among the protesters, was killed in bombing attack. Banner covering his body is marked by the picture of Hanzala by his comrades.





Just after 10 October massacre in Ankara RTÜK(Turkish Radio&Television Supreme Council) imposed immediate press blackout as happened before. Protests took place all around Turkey holding government responsible for the massacre. 66 people detained in İzmir during protests in support of the revolutionary victims of Ankara bombing. Clashes lasted for hours between protesters and police in Gazi of İstanbul and Tuzluçayır of Ankara which are both known to be revolutionary leftist neighbourhoods.


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